Training as a facialist, the fast way!

Training as a facialist, the fast way!

The beauty industry is always moving and changing, requiring anyone who works in it to be able to do the same and adapt to the trends. Facial treatments however, rarely ever go out of trend as everyone wants their skin to look as fabulous as it can be so it’s a key tool for any beautician’s kit. This course covers all of the basics to being a successful facialist and also acts as a stepping stone into more advanced areas like mesotherapy and dermaplaning which are growing tremendously popular within the industry these days!


This kind of training doesn’t need to take years at a college or beauty school and can be completed in just a few weeks when training as part of a fast track course or independent facials module.

Which course would suit me?

Facial training is included in the Beauty Training Academy VTCT level 2 Beauty Therapy Studies qualification course and covers a range of beauty treatments with an in depth facials module.

The Level 2 qualification includes all the required elements to work effectively as a beauty therapist including:

·        Facial skincare

·        Enhancement of Eyebrows and Eyelashes

·        Waxing Services

·        Manicure

·        Pedicure

·        Make Up Services

·        Threading


It can be completed in just 8 weeks and doesn’t require any previous qualifications to get started. You can also complete a facial only module which can be completed just 2 weeks!

During facials training you will not only learn how to become an expert in skincare but also how to cater specifically for your clients needs. The course focuses on Anatomy and Physiology, Skin Analysis, Skin Concerns and product selection. That’s a lot of information to take in all at once so we’ve broken down some of the main points for you.

Anatomy and physiology

Understanding the anatomy, physiology of the skin is fundamental when performing any kind of facial treatment, showing an in-depth knowledge of the skin will not only give you confidence in providing a great treatment but is also a great selling point for your customers.

Skin Analysis

Skin analysis is a vital part of the professional facial. You will learn how to examine the skin and identify any skin concerns the client may have, you will also be able to offer advice for the client for an at home skin regime they can take away with them.

Skin Concerns

This may range from managing dry skin, combatting oily zones or dealing with more complex complaints such as sensitivity or congestion.

Product selection

Following on from your skin analysis you will need to be able to effectively chose the right products for your customers skin, here at the Beauty Training Academy we have partnered with Dermalogica and DermaFocus both brands provide high end products and even better offer specific product training to the beauty training academy students when purchasing their products.

How much does it cost

A VTCT level 2 course in Beauty Therapy Studies costs just £1650 whilst the facial only module will cost just £750.

Where could I work

Gaining any beautician qualification will allow you to be able to be self employed and work from home or travel to your client’s houses but you can also work in spas and on cruise ships! The average cost for a Facial in the UK is around £45 per treatment this can of course depend on which setting you work in and your area, obviously the more clients you take on, the more money you earn, but each treatment will usually last around an hour anyway.

Moving on and increasing your skills

As we mentioned above, this course is a stepping stone into more advanced level 3 treatments. You could study needling treatments or mesotherapy which growing in popularity at the moment!

Why choose the Beauty Training Academy?

I have been training beauticians for many years now and I always push my students to be the best they can be! I’m a firm but fair trainer! I want you to pass as much as you want to pass so I keep the classes small to give you the best learning environment possible.

If you are interested in Training to provide facials or want to move onto a level 3 qualification please see the links to both courses below. 

VTCT Level 2 Beauty Therapy Studies:

VTCT Level 3 Beauty Therapy Studies:

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