For questions or course dates please call us on: 07376 421780 or 0207 487 5456

Questions or course dates:

07376 421780 or 0207 487 5456

Qualifications - Terms & Conditions

All Students must comply with the following rules and regulations whilst attending a course at The Beauty Training Academy.

At The Beauty Training Academy we do our upmost to provide a high and safe standard of training, please assist us in maintaining these professional standards. Please note that these regulations are compulsory for Health & Safety purposes.

Punctuality – Courses will commence promptly at the published times. The teaching time are extremely precious, and courses will start on time. We do understand that incidents occur that cannot be prevented e.g. heavy traffic, poorly children, but we would appreciate a telephone message if you are running late, or unable to attend. Any students who arrive late, may be refused entry, and a refund will not be given or another date offered.

Dress Code – Not only is it important for a therapist to appear professional always, it is vital that we comply with the dress code for Health & Safety issues. Closed toe shoes must be worn, with a low heel (trainers are acceptable). Salon uniform must be worn, ideally a pair of plain black trousers with a tunic top. (*Student not wearing the correct uniform will not pass that day of assessments, and will need to do them again on another day.)

Disabilities – If a learner has a disability(ies), learning difficulty(ies), and/or health problem(s) please inform The Beauty Training Academy upon booking to ensure the correct help and guidance is given. Please be advised that the college is on the second floor and there is no access to a lift.

Personal Hygiene – Students must always maintain their own personal hygiene.

Hair and Nails – Long or medium length hair must be tied back during the course and nail varnish must not be worn. Nails should be filed/cut to a sensible length to avoid injury to a client.

Jewellery – No Jewellery (including piercings) should be worn during the course except for a wedding band and small stud earrings. Please leave any valuables at home as The Beauty Training Academy cannot take any responsibility for loss or damage to student’s or clients personal belongings.

Training Manuals – Training manuals supplied by The Beauty Training Academy. All materials are the Copyright of the School.

Models – Students can bring models for the assessment day, but please be advised that if your clients do not show up, you will potentially be delayed for your final assessments. We do realise that this can often be a problem due to work commitment, so please contact The Beauty Training Academy at least one week prior to the course if you would prefer us to find the models for you, but no responsibility will be taken by the training academy if a model cannot be found.

Waxing Models – For the waxing courses, your models must have sufficient bodily and facial hair; they will need to grow their hair for a couple of weeks prior to the course.

Mobile Phones – These must be switched off or put on silent during the course.

Smoking – If you do smoke, please do not smoke on the premise or outside the building, or do so when wearing your therapist’s uniform.

Also please be aware of the following:

  • The Beauty Training Academy will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse to any members of staff at any time.

  • Water and refreshments will be provided for at the training sessions. The Beauty Training Academy has no control over the ingredients of the refreshments available and takes no responsibility for students/clients suffering any allergic reactions or special dietary specifications.

  • As part our service to provide excellent student service The Beauty Training Academy operates an equal opportunities policy. Students will not experience discrimination on any counts.

  • The Beauty Training Academy will not tolerate any bullying on their courses between students.

  • All student and client information is kept confidential, following GDPR rules.

  • If required, extra tuition on scheduled training dates is available within three months after the commencement of the course for £50.00 per hour.

  • Health and Safety Policy – The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and subsequent additional legislation places a duty upon the management of an establishment to secure and maintain a safe working environment for all employees and those affected by the service provided.

The Beauty Training Academy undertakes to:

  • Provide a consistently safe environment at the Academy.

  • Provide guidance of a safe working practices for staff and students, whilst incorporating health & safety knowledge into all student activities.

  • Provide information and procedures for fire and emergencies.

  • Provide information and procedures for accidents.

  • Provide training and up to date information on health & safety to all concerned.

  • Promote training of a responsible attitude to health & safety throughout the school.

Provide monitoring processes for the above The Beauty Training Academy will require its students to:

  • Follow the health & safety regulations.

  • Co-operate with others in keeping the environment safe.

  • Take care to avoid injury to themselves or others.

  • Being appropriately dressed and not misusing or damaging equipment, materials or the premises.

  • Report any hazards immediately to the staff in charge.

Kit Information:

  • Student will need to provide their own equipment, tools and products during the course.

  • Students will need to practice treatments during and after their training, so The Beauty Training Academy would recommend students buy a starter kits for all the treatments that will be taught, as it will allow you to practice treatments at home to a professional and satisfactory standard for your assessment.

  • You will be required to bring in items from their kits and use them, during lessons, and assessments.

  • These items will be discussed during the previous lessons.

  • Please contact the school for further information.

Equal Opportunities Policy:

  • The Beauty Training Academy is committed to ensuring equal opportunity to all candidates on all courses, all the clients of the establishment and to the staff of The Beauty Training Academy regardless of their role.

  • There is a commitment to encourage each individual to realise his or her potential. Training or access to assessment will not be affected by gender, ethnic origin, nationality, religious belief, social circumstance, marital status, age or physical or intellectual ability or other relevant state.

  • The requirements of the Sexual Discrimination Act 1975, the Race Relations Act 1976 and the Employment (Disabled Persons) Acts of 1944 and 1958 will be respected and any amendments or extension thereto.

  • Equal opportunities will be integrated into all planning, procedures and our resources. All promotional material, course schemes and display items will not reinforce stereotypes and will reflect the diversity of the society.

  • All staff and students will be advised of the policy to be pursued with clients and visitors to the School. There will be positive reinforcement of the requirements of the policy statement and the policy will be monitored and reviewed at regular intervals among staff and students and action taken if required.

  • Encouragement will be given to discuss any concerns over these issues if/when they occur.

  • You will be given the opportunity to allow these concerns to be fully and confidentially discussed. Support and advice is available to help those concerned to understand the problems and take steps to resolve them.

  • On the first instance, any problems should be brought immediately to the attention of, Dee Juj.

  • There will be an ongoing action plan to reinforce the stated policy and this will be monitored by the Academy’s Principal.

Appeals Procedure:

  • The Beauty Training Academy is committed to ensuring that the assessment procedure meets the requirements of the Awarding Bodies and fulfils National Standards. The Beauty Training Academy operates a system for reviewing the quality and fairness of the assessment procedure. As part of this process the candidate has the right of appeal against any assessment decision, written or practical, which the student deems to be unfair.

  • The student should notify the Assessor of dissatisfaction with the outcome of the assessment within seven days, stating why there is a disagreement with the decision.

  • The assessor must explain the decision in writing within fourteen days. If the student is not satisfied, the Principal may order the student to be re-assessed by another tutor/assessor. The matter should be resolved within fourteen days.

Complaints Procedure:

  • The Beauty Training Academy strive to provide training of a standard and quality suited to professional practice and discipline. Tutors and students are expected to adhere to the code of practice and ethics.

  • We encourage students to voice any areas of concern or dissatisfaction with any aspect of the course, venue or tutoring as soon as they arise, so that matters may be addressed and resolved quickly and amicably. We recommend that should a complaint or concern arise it should be made in one or more of the following ways:

  • Speak to the course tutor, at break time or arrange an appointment to request a tutorial.

  • Request a course evaluation sheet. Write, email or telephone the Principal, Dee Juj

Assessment of Candidates with Special needs:

The Beauty Training Academy operate a policy of equal access to all its courses and qualifications and the procedure regarding students with special needs is as follows:

  • Inform The Beauty Training Academy at the earliest possible opportunity if extra help will be needed throughout the course. This may either be written on the application form or addressed verbally to a staff member at the Academy. The situation will then be reviewed on an individual basis and a decision will be made by the course tutor as to whether special circumstances need to be considered throughout the course.

  • If special circumstances do need to be considered, then every effort will be made to tailor the teaching to suit individual needs.

  • An action plan will be agreed based on the information given. Supplementary evidence such as GP letter or certificate of special needs may be required.

VTCT & OCN Credit4Learning Course Information – General information:

  • You will study all practical treatments at the school.

  • You will be required to complete theory work at home, within four weeks after the last class date.

  • Plagiarism will not be accepted, and will be reported to the governing body, and assignments will be not be signed off. All work must be in your own words and written by the student themselves.

  • You will be required to practice your treatments at home.

  • You will be required to return to the academy for practical assessments.

  • You may need to bring models for assessments.

  • You will need to take written exams.

  • You will need to build a portfolio of evidence, of all assessments carried out.

  • You will need to wear a professional uniform at all times, with hair up completely, nails free of any colour, gel or acrylics, no jewellery and flat black shoes (trainers acceptable).
  • Be prepared to give and receive treatments.

  • You will be required to be available for any visits by the Internal and External Verifier, if called. You will be informed of the date and time.

  • You will be given four months to complete this course, all assignments and assessments.

  • *VTCT Courses only*

Payment Details:

  • Full payment is required to secure your place on the course. To reserve your place, a deposit of £500.00 can be paid via bank transfer or over the phone with The Beauty Training Academy.

  • Please note that payments are non-refundable.

  • Once payment has been received by The Beauty Training Academy and cleared you will receive a confirmation letter via email.

  • Payment may be made by credit or debit card, or bank transfer.

Booking Terms – Cancellation Policy:

  • Cancellation of any course is required by email ( at least seven days prior to the course commencing.

  • No refund will be issued by The Beauty Training Academy, however your course fee may be transferrable onto another course, with the discretion of The Beauty Training Academy.

  • In the event of a student failing to attend or complete a course or assessment, for any reason, no refunds will be made by The Beauty Training Academy, although a later assessment date may be arranged if an agreement can be agreed with the academy. There will also be an administration fee of £250 for this arrangement.

  • It may be necessary for the student to pay an additional fee of £50.00 per hour, if they have not completed all their assessments within the timescale given, or their model fails to turn up, and can only be done on a day agreeable by both parties.

General Booking Terms:

  • The minimum age for entry is 16 years (there is no upper age limit).

  • In order to apply for a place on one of our courses, please call 07376 421780 or email Once you have paid, you will be sent a confirmation email, detailing the course dates and any course requirements.

  • Please note that payments, including deposits are non-refundable but may be re-applied to another commencement date, if notice of at least seven working days is given to the Academy, but must be used within a 12 months.

  • Please check the prerequisites for each course.

  • It is essential for you to be able to speak, read, write and understand English fluently, as there will be tests and assignments that will need to be completed to pass these courses.

  • Please contact The Beauty Training Academy regarding course dates.

  • It may be necessary for the School to cancel or re-schedule the course due to unforeseen circumstances; if this occasion should arise, an alternative date will be given. If the date offered is unsuitable, and a suitable date cannot be agreed, the Academy will refund any fees paid.

  • Course fees include tuition, training materials/resources (via email). Refreshments will also be provided during the course for all students and visitors.

  • Course fees do not include additional items where required, such as student work attire and practical items such as beauty/holistic kits for home practice or text books. These items are an additional expense to be met by the student. Kits may be purchased from recommended wholesalers.

  • The Beauty Training Academy reserves the right to decline applications.

  • It is acknowledged that all intellectual property rights, including copyright, patents, design rights and any materials relating to the course remain the sole property of The Beauty Training Academy.

  • All students are required to observe and abide by all policies regarding health and safety, security, student conduct and any other regulations as set out by The Beauty Training Academy.

  • It is the course applicant’s responsibility, having referred to relevant sources of course information, to ensure that the course in all of its aspects is suitable for her/his requirements, and that they are able to commit to all course dates prior to the course commencing. The Beauty Training Academy are happy to provide advice but accepts no liability in the event that the content of the course, any changes to course timetables, structure or cancellation where necessary does not meet individual requirements. Once an application has been received and processed by The Beauty Training Academy and a course place allocated, the applicant will be subject to and in agreement with all conditions as set out herein by The Beauty Training Academy.

  • The terms and conditions set out here in are a complete statement of the agreement between the course applicant and The Beauty Training Academy and supersede all discussions, correspondence and representations made prior to the date of booking. In order to avoid disappointment, we recommend early reservation as the courses are in demand and places are limited.

By undertaking a course with us, you are confirming that you have read, understood, and agree to these terms and conditions and have agreed to this biding contract, between yourself and The Beauty Training Academy.