Online Indian Head Massage Course


Online Indian Head Massage Course


Indian Head Massage isn’t simply a ‘treat’ – the benefits are really rather crucial and can assist with a variety of physical and emotional problems and concerns. Some of the benefits are:

– Helps to prevent migraines
– Promotes hair growth
– Relieves sleeplessness, restlessness and insomnia
– Relieves symptoms of anxiety and depression
– Renews energy levels

Indian Head Massage slows us down, thoughts quieten and awareness is brought to the forefront. Think of it like someone pressing your ‘reset’ button.
It is a seated massage working on the upper back, shoulders, neck, head and face and can be applied through clothes or directly on to the skin using oil.

Within this unit you will learn about how to provide a relaxing and stress relieving massage treatment. You will develop a sound knowledge of health and safety, client care and communication. You will also develop a knowledge and understanding of the practical skills learned throughout this qualification, such as anatomy and physiology. The purpose of this course is to develop your skills in providing an Indian Head massage treatments to a high level of occupational ability, to enable you to provide your own services for clients.

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