Online Gel Nails Course

Online Gel Nails Course


During this unit you will learn to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills in applying, maintaining and removing UV and LED Gel polish. This unit will cover a variety of products and equipment used during a gel nail treatment, as well as how to use the tools correctly and safely.

You will learn how to identify the condition of your client’s skin and nails, so that you can decide which products and tools to use, more easily. As well as filing the nails and applying cuticle treatments. You will be taught how to apply gel polish using precision techniques to achieve a professional finish.

You will be shown how to maintain effective health, safety and hygiene throughout your work.  This course is IPHM Accredited.

Equipment Needed


• Hand sanitiser                                                          • Nail varnish remover (Acetone free)

• Product remover (Acetone)                                   • Cotton wool

• Foils                                                                            • Cuticle remove

• Gel base coat                                                             • Coloured gels

• Gel top coat                                                               • Cuticle oil


• Nail files                                                                    • Cuticle pusher

• Orange sticks/cocktail sticks                                • Nail clippers

• Nail brush                                                                 • Buffer


• Nail station/work surface                                     • Stools or chairs

• Hand support                                                          • Barbicide & Sterilising jar/glass

• Lined bin                                                                  • Couch roll

• UV or LED lamp                                                     • Table lamp

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