Online Brow Lamination Course


Online Brow Lamination Course


Our eyebrows are the most important feature of our face, and can totally transform our look, so it is vital that we get them right, to suit your clients look.

Brow lamination is a fast growing beauty trend which originated in Russia. It is a technique that has come to the UK, allowing you to create fullness to you clients brows. Brow lamination helps to correct uneven eyebrows, and solve the problem of hairs growing in different directions, creating the illusion of fuller thicker brows.

Within this course, we will go over the contra-indications, contra-actions, and how to carry out this treatment.  The benefit of this treatments, is that not only will your clients eyebrows look groomed and tidy, but also much thicker. This treatment take about 30 minutes to do, and should last up to 2 months.  This course is IPHM Accredited.


Equipment Needed


-Adhesive                                                    – Lifting solution

-Fixing solution                                         – Nourishing solution

-Eye make-up remover


-Towel                                                        – Hair band

-Bowls                                                        – Cotton wool

-Tissues                                                     – Cotton buds

-Mirror                                                      – Eyebrow tool

-Tweezers                                                 – Barbicide

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